Thursday, November 18, 2010

Candle & Fruit

This is a work in progress...the lighting around the candle and lower candle are killing me.  I think I just need to step away for awhile.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kiss the Abyss Movie Poster

This is the movie poster that I did for my brother Eric's movie...check out the trailer.  Here is the link:

Photo Project 2

This had to have been the toughest project ever..... well, besides having to stare at my self and paint my self portrait.  I must have shot at least 6 rolls of film.  We had to set the the photos and have someone else take them for us...the problem is, I am use to being behind the camera, not in front.  These were the only two that I liked of just me...the funny thing is, I shot both of these by myself, using the timer.  I guess I could just be more myself, when I was shooting my own photo.  I will have to post the two other photos of this project when I get them back from my instructor.  I also had to shoot a self portrait without me being in the picture.  A composed image that represents me, and also a self portrait of me as a character. 

You will have to stay tunned to see those.

Photo Project 1




Edge Problem

I love shooting black and white film... it is so amazing how images can change in a different medium. The close-up image is my neighbors  dining room chair.  I just love this picture.  Who knew a dining room chair could be so beautiful.  The next image Light is also in my neighbors house (she has her house decorated beautifully) I like the way the light hitting the table looks almost like satin.  The next image, motion, is a merry go round at the park.  I shot a million pictures of this one, I had found some people at the park that were good sports and spun around on the merry go round until they were cross eyes.  In the end I really like this one the best, because you couldn't really tell what it was.  I think I was attracted to the blurred motions along with the circular lines and the texture of the ground.  The last one, edge problem, was suppose to be an image without the focal point being in the center of the image, and the edges of the image needed to be interesting enough to draw your eye around the image.  For this one I climbed on top of this jungle gym at the park, it is this sort of circular thing with a ladder/monkeybar thing going around it.  The shadow on the texture of the sand was sort of interesting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sphere Crazy

The first sphere I did - oops!  forgot to write down what i used???

I used splatter 46 brush for this one

I started to get into this by the third one.  This one was done with a dark gray/blue background (underpainting) and I used brush: wet sponge  - opacity 40/flow 20

This one was done with a deep red underpainting, brush: round fan stiff thin 25, opacity 23/flow 11.  My husband Mark, challenged me to make a fluffy ball, I was thinking pom pom, he was thinking Sulley from Monsters Inc. as a ball????  Maybe next time.

This one was done with a yellow underpainting, brush: round angle low stiffness 46, opacity 43/flow59 

This one that looks like you need a new prescription for your glasses, was done with the an airbrush 66 and a mix of opacities and flows.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Technical Illustration Project

I am so glad this turned out as well as it did.  I struggled so hard at the beginning of this project, but I finally feel that it all came together.